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April 9 2024

30 Ways for Muslims to encounter Christ

Thank the Lord for the love He has given you for the people of Morocco as you prayed for them to encounter Christ this Ramadan. Pray for Him to complete the good work he has begun in Morocco. Take time to listen to next steps God would have you take on behalf of the people of Morocco.

Liberty to the Captives

Each of us who comes to Christ must repent of and renounce every pact, promise, or identity we held before faith in Christ. Join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ from a Muslim background as they repent of their former identity as Muslims. This prayer is inspired by chapter 7 and 8 of Liberty to the Captives by Mark Durie

We should be known by unity in Christ’s love. “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me” (John 17:23).
Pray for Christians from a Muslim background in Morocco to experience complete unity with God and other Christians as Jesus prayed in John 17.

Praying Scripture

“And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached throughout the world, so that all peoples will hear it; and then the end will come” (Mathew 24:14).

Lord, on this last day of Ramadan, we cry out to you again and declare the truth of your promise that this Gospel of Your Kingdom shall be preached throughout the entire Muslim world: from Morocco to Indonesia, from California to the streets of Paris. And in Morocco, again, we proclaim: North and South, East and West; mountain, coast, and valley; every family, village, town, region, and city in Morocco shall hear the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

Praying for the Church

Pray for existing groups (friends, co-workers, families, etc.) to yearn to discover, obey, and share God’s Word. When this happens with existing groups there are far fewer obstacles and complexities in figuring how and where to meet.

Claiming Our Hope in Christ and His Heart for the Nations

Lord, we lift our voice together one last time. Thank you for these 30 days of prayer for our brothers and sisters in Morocco. Today we remember our brothers and sisters across the whole Muslim world, and we declare: The Good News that Christ, and not Caesar, reigns as Lord and Ruler of the Cosmos. Let this truth be heard in Mecca, the announcement that God’s Anointed, Jesus, rules as King. Let it be shared in Baghdad and Cairo, that Christ has thrown down death and conquered the grave of exile. From Libya and Tunisia to Somalia and Sudan, from the islands of Indonesia to the mountains of Pakistan, from India to Iran, from the Gulf countries to the Levant and to Turkey, through all the war-torn towns, cities, and villages of Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria: let the good news of the saving grace of Jesus, our Lord, be preached… spread…and incarnated into the world by followers of Jesus. Let men and women, children, and whole families be baptized into the community of saints. and be filled with the presence and power of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit. And then the end will come. And finally, Lord, the Lamb of God shall receive the full reward of His suffering…in and for the Muslim world…to the great glory and praise of You, our God and Father. At long last, let Your children come running home.

Amen. Amen.

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