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March 19 2024

30 Ways for Muslims to encounter Christ

There is a hadith (teaching) in Islam that says, “Be good to your mother, Paradise is under her feet.” This positive teaching is often negatively used to prevent Muslims from questioning or rejecting the religion of their parents. Today, we pray for Muslims in Morocco to have courage from God to honor their parents, but not blindly follow their religion and to instead pursue Truth.

Liberty to the Captives

Each of us who comes to Christ must repent of and renounce every pact, promise, or identity we held before faith in Christ. Join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ from a Muslim background as they repent of their former identity as Muslims. This prayer is inspired by chapter 7 and 8 of Liberty to the Captives by Mark Durie

We have the right and the responsibility to educate ourselves and our children about spiritual matters: “…do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them” (Deuteronomy 4:9).

Pray for Christians from a Muslim background in Morocco to renounce lies that they cannot question or investigate spiritual matters.

Praying Scripture

“Cornelius replied, ‘Four days ago I was praying in my house about this same time, three o’clock in the afternoon. Suddenly, a man in dazzling clothes was standing in front of me. He told me, ‘Cornelius, your prayer has been heard, and your gifts to the poor have been noticed by God! Now send messengers to Joppa, and summon a man named Simon Peter. He is staying in the home of Simon, a tanner who lives near the seashore.’ So I sent for you at once, and it was good of you to come. Now we are all here, waiting before God to hear the message the Lord has given you’” (Acts 10:30-33).

Ask for workers to find those who have already had dreams or visions.
Ask for apostles to access new communities.
Ask for God’s Spirit to respond to those like the Centurion who are genuinely seeking Him.

Praying for the Church

Pray that God will raise up Christian leaders out of each region or state in Morocco.

Claiming Our Hope in Christ and His Heart for the Nations

You are the God of dreams and visions. Lord, we pray that you would visit our Muslim brothers and sisters in the night in dreams. And we pray, too, that you would visit them during the day in open visions. Release hope. Release peace. Release revelation of Christ in the hearts of the people of Morocco.

Praying as a group?

Leading others in prayer is a great step in making disciples. We want to celebrate your and their faithfulness. For each person that prays with you, we will add 15 minutes to the 2.2 days of prayer committed so far.

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